Global Food & Beverage Packaging Leader, China Nationwide Distribution
Success Story
Nation-Wide Distribution
The client is global leader in aluminum and packaging industries with annual turnover over US$ 24 billion. The client is listed in New York and Toronto.
The client is the major flexible packaging production arm of the client INC. with manufactures located in Eastern and Southern China regions.
YATFAI provides on-site distribution management expertise that manages the client nation-wide distribution service. Being the central order processing desk, YATFAI takes orders from the client, defines the best route and arranges delivery schedules. YATFAI manages the distribution via 30 associated domestic trucking service providers.
Acting as the client’s distribution service manager, YATFAI takes fully responsibility of service performance and distribution cost. By selecting and managing multiple vendors chosen by its strength and expertise, YATFAI brings the client the distribution solution with the best service and cost balance.

Nation-Wide Distribution 

Solution Highlights 
  • YF Advantages service 
  • In-factor coordinator 
  • Distribution Management 
  • Route optimization 
  • Cost optimization 
  • Manage 30 sub-carriers 
  • Flexible FTC & LTL mode 
  • 300+ DTC delivery per month 
  • Distribute to 16 states