China Home Appliance Giant, China Domestic Mega Haulage
Success story
Hong Kong - Mainland Cross-Border
Transportation and Freight Haulage Service
The client is world leading consumer electronics applicants producer, with annual turn over at US$ 59.5 billion. The client is listed in China and Hong Kong.
The client major manufacturing bases, located in Huizhou, Guangdong province, produce TV, AV and cellular phone for international markets.
The client , with vast international market presence, exports 36,000 TEUs of various products by ocean freight from two world busiest sea ports, Yantian and Hong Kong.
To support such large volume with high seasonality, YATFAI dedicates more than 50 domestic and cross-border tractors to cope with The client ’s demands. A central order desk is the focal contact point to The client for all logistics matters. It coordinates three major YATFAI fleets including Shenzhen, Dongguan and Hong Kong to ensure sufficient transportation capacity is provided. Moreover, a dedicated key account manager is constantly monitoring service performance and providing rapid response to exceptional service requirements.

The client Mega Haulage 

Solution Highlights 
  • 50 Dedicated Tractor and Chased Truck 
  • Focal Customer Service Desk 
  • Coordinated Transport Capacity Allocation from Multiple Fleets 
  • Service Monitor by Key Account Manager 
  • Fast Responding Team 
  • Handle over 2,000 TEU per month