YATFAI Tin Shui Wai Distribution Center Carried Out a Wide Range of Logistics Model
Release date:2015-06-08
YATFAI Tin Shui Wai Distribution Centre has been operated more than six months. It evoluted from the initial replenishment mode to a wide range of logistics model.
We cooperated with our client - Li & Fung and successfully tranferred the operation of  "Toys R Us" and "Timberland" to our warehouse in the past six months.
At the same time, we started a wide range of services in Tin Shui Wai warehouse such as barcode scanning for inbound and outbound goods, goods sorting, goods labelling and also goods classification.
Meanwhile, we keep innovating and reforming. The warehouse is divided into different areas for storing different brands and goods. It is more effective in managing inventory records. We also use barcode scanners to scan inbound and outbound goods, which can improve the efficiency and accuracy.
发布日期:2015-06-08 15:23
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