"Customer Intimacy - Harnessing the Power With Yatfai's Long Term Partner"
Release date:2014-09-12
Stella is a leading developer, manufacturer and retailer of quality footwear products and leather goods. There are around 30 plants which include the production sites include China, Vietnam and Indonesia and other regions The headquartered in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, and the total number of employees round 50,000 people.
YATFAI group cooperate with STELLA over 20 years. To save the Stella’s logistics cost , YATFAI keep to improve the processes and communicate customer. We held a sharing meeting about the Hong Kong – China domestic haulage. It mainly shares the difficulties and problem during operation. We believe that the meeting would be enhancing relationship between Stella and YATFAI.  
发布日期:2014-09-12 10:05
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